Go-To Salad & Last Night’s Dinner

I’ve been on a health kick for the past few weeks with a routine when it comes to breakfast and lunch! My eating habits are pretty regular throughout the week. It’s usually eggs for breakfast and a salad for lunch – usually a mix of spinach and romaine. To switch it up a bit, I found this recipe for a carrot and cabbage detox salad that I just had to try!

Now, my new go-to salad is a mix of romaine and cabbage with carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and sliced avocado. I try to avoid cheese and croutons (which I love). Recently, I’ve also been using a sweet onion dressing that’s pretty tasty!

Any who, dinner-wise my choices vary by what I’m feeling. I normally like to plan out what’s for dinner on Sunday so I can get all necessary ingredients on my weekly Kroger trip. Last night my boyfriend took the initiative to make dinner and fired up the grill! He’s such a gem – when I walked through the doors dinner was already in the making. The Menu: turkey burgers with grilled sweet potato wedges.

We devoured… and yes, two little burgers for each of us! I like to think of myself as a little chefy in the kitchen but my boyfriend is dubbed the grill master.

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