Christmas Goodies

Christmas — one of the happiest times of the year. Crazy that we anticipate it for months and it quickly comes and goes in a matter of 48 hours. So, what’s the best part about those two day? Good food, great company and some stellar gifts! Take a look at some of the goodies I received this holiday season!

From work, I got an amazing smelling candle, mini honey bear and chapstick. Also, an iPad mini case, tube scarf and bracelet from my colleagues:


And that was only the beginning of the gift giving season….

I was able to spend Christmas Eve with my family back at home and consumed a numerous amount of cookies, food and played endless hours of games… including Heads Up (my new favorite). This year, my siblings and I did a gift exchange. I got an assortment ofΒ LancΓ΄meΒ makeup and Kiehl’s product samples from my sister, and Crest 3D Whitestrips and Clinique facial moisturizer from my brother. I also received a Cool Touch Microwave Bowl from my Secret Santa… aka my sister! Now I can eat my soup worry-free.


And last but not least, presents from my boyfriend! This winter, I will no longer be freezing my butt off in the car thanks to a new remote start system! YAY! Oh, and I’ll be cooking like the top chefs with my new pressure cooker… prepare for loads of yummy pictures to come. And since my boyfriend is big into snow sports, I’ll have to learn myself while wearing my new North Face jacket. Finally, every girl needs a little icing, right? This double intertwined heart necklace adds the perfect touch πŸ™‚

Grandparents seem to love me too! His grandmas got me some really cool gifts. The soap rock is super unique and I’m really excited to use it. And of course, who doesn’t love wine? Every Wine Diva does πŸ™‚

I also received lots of money from my parents, grandma and aunt and uncle. I’m so thankful to have spent the holidays with people I truly love and adore. Above all, they mean the most — gifts are just a bonus!Oh, and I will definitely have to work out the double meals I consumed… but it’s really hard since there are a ton of sweet lying around within arms reach! Hehe.

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