Weekend Recap

What an eventful weekend, most eventful I’ve had in a while that did not including shopping! This must anticipated weekend included the big screen, shiny new cars and good eats.

Friday night we went to see American Sniper and I brought along a bottle of ranch seasoning with me since half way through the popcorn becomes bland again. The movie was AWESOME though, I definitely recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. But let me recap you on the significance of this ranch seasoning… IΒ LOVE popcorn. I’m not all about the butter and definitely not all about the salt, but I love seasoning. Not just any seasoning though, ranch! Funny because I’m not a fan of actual ranch. Anyways, I noticed about a year ago that I couldn’t find Kernel Season’s ranch seasoning ANYWHERE anymore. Pretty traumatizing, to be honest. But, you know what has EVERYTHING? Amazon. Yep, and since we have Amazon Prime I ordered a 6-pack of them… as I was laying in bed.

Not only was the movie super crowded but I’m pretty sure it was almost a sold out show. What else was crowded was the NAIAS in Detroit! Even though I don’t really know much at all about cars, I’d like to think that I can be a hard critic when it comes to design. Also, I decided on the car I’d like to have in the near future… a Cadillac XTS. I can picture myself in one, not the guy who photobombed my picture!

Lots of pictures below to capture my weekend… because if it isn’t pictured, it didn’t happen (haha).

Might I also add that I was having an extremely good hair day on Saturday!

Post-auto show, we stopped by the new Hot Cat in Detroit to grab lunch. I swear, it was nostalgic — bringing me back to the East Lansing Hop Cat days. Of course, I went with my usual soft parade. For lunch, I chose a turkey burger with spinach, tomatoes, lemon and garlic feta cheese alongside veggie chili and the infamous and addicting crack fries! I swear I always tell myself that I’m going to find out the exact seasoning used so I can recreate it myself.

But after all of that food, I came home with a food baby and curled up on the couch with a warm, fuzzy blanket. Until dinner rolled around… homemade pizza and a mimosa. Great way to end the night, I’d say!

And today was productive as usual. Gotta love feeling accomplished on a Sunday. I put in a good hour and a half at the gym to work off the excessive amount of food consumed this weekend. Although I dread Monday’s, I do look forward to getting back on a consistent routine especially with my eating habits. I was pretty good today — met up with an old friend for lunch at Panera and had leftover pizza and potstickers for dinner. Speaking of dinner, I planned out this week’s meals… even went to Kroger to get all of the ingredients! Stay tuned because these are ones you won’t want to miss.

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