Sock Bun: The “Sophisticated” Troll

For all of those who know me, you know what I refer to as the “troll.” If you don’t, well let me explain it to you. The “troll” is when I quickly throw my hair up into a messy bun on top of my head, like the hair of a troll. When I’m having a rough day or my hair just isn’t cooperating, I resort to the troll.

Well, I thought it was about time for the troll to mature a little with help from… my leg warmer. Leg warmer, you ask? YEP! No need to purchase one of those store-bought spongy donuts, or even to cut up a perfectly good sock. Why not just use a leg warmer that ALREADY has a hole on both ends. I discovered this last night when I was looking through my sock drawer and realized I don’t have any long socks, but I did have this one lonely leg warmer who’s pair was MIA.

So this (left) becomes this (middle) which becomes this (right) all in less than a minute. This is now my new go-to hairstyle since it is quick, easy and super cute!

Make sure to comb out your hair and smooth out all bumps on the top and bottom of your hair, hairspraying everything in place. Tie your hair up into a high pony tail and then be sure to rotate your bun as you’re “folding” it down.

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