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Every now and then, I’ll come across one song that I get totally obsessed with — so obsessed that I literally have a one song playlist that I put on repeat all day long, literally. Throughout my entire gym session, in the shower, getting ready and even during my blogging sesh… please tell me you can relate? I’m sure my neighbors, boyfriend and anyone who happens to ride in the car with me during my obsessive stage might get tired of my song of choice whereas I see it as my background music (insert sassy girl emoji here). You can’t help what you love!

Over time, there’s been a lot of songs that qualified for their own playlist, including these six songs. Something came on my radar just recently and I just can’t get enough. The moment I heard it, I cranked up the radio and instantly purchased it on iTunes (thanks Siri). Turn up your speakers because Maroon 5 has earned their very own 1 Song Playlist with their new hit “Sugar.”
Obsessed yet? Oh, and uh — can Maroon 5 crash my wedding one day?

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