Listicle: The Five Senses in Friendship

As a Listicle contributor, I had to prove that I could create compelling content. This was my entry post from 4 months ago which I’d like to share with you! It’s called “The Five Senses in Friendship.” The original Listicle post can be found here.

Many people tend to be gravitated towards those who are similar. Whether it’s personality, humor, likes or dislikes that make them relatable, it’s something.What do you value in those you call your friends? Is it their loyalty to keep your secrets, the fact that they’ll make an ice cream run with you at midnight, or is it their honesty and willingness to tell you that those jeans do not do you justice (or maybe you don’t do them justice)? Whatever it is, I hope you’re able to apply the five basic senses—sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch—to the qualities of your friends.

Let us examine.

1. Sight

This friend doesn’t wear rose-colored glasses. She is able to see what you cannot and is able to see things a tad bit clearer. Whether you’re infatuated with a new prospect or blinded by the truth, she isn’t. Make sure you find a friend that has this quality – that is able to see beyond the rainbows and butterflies and is able to pull you back to reality when necessary.
Honorable trait: Honesty, Realist

2. Smell

This friend knows you better than you know yourself, sometimes. Whether it’s fear, love, guilt, or sadness—she can smell it on you. She knows when you’re experiencing these emotional states and knows how to approach you even if you’re at your worst. While she can smell these different emotions, you’re likely to smell the double fudge brownies she’s baked to comfort you.
Honorable trait: Intuition, Sympathy

3. Taste

This friend has a great sense of taste. Whether it’s in fashion, food, design or significant others, she’s got her eye out on the best and is always willing to help you find what you’re looking for. You love getting gifts from her or scheduling lunch dates (or even blind dates) because you know you’ll be in for a treat.
Honorable trait: Quality

4. Hearing

This friend hears you loud and clear. She’s got two ears for a reason. She doesn’t just listen to you, but she hears what you are saying and can respond to it. Your words get soaked into her thought process and she is willing to give you any advice to help. Oh, and she’s not only good at hearing you, she hears others too. I wouldn’t call her a gossip queen—more of a reliable source.
Honorable trait: Listener, Resourceful

5. Touch

This friend feels your joy and pain. Easily making an imprint in your life as you have in hers, she can relate to what you’re going through or at least she tries to. Not to sound cliché, but sometimes you think you were truly “touched by an angel.”
Honorable trait: Empathy, Relatable

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