Tout Sweet Patisserie Marshmallows

Move over box of chocolates, there’s a new sweet treat in town. Over Valentine’s Day weekend, my boyfriend surprised me with a box of unique yet delicious treats all the way from San Francisco. One of Chef Yugit Pura’s Tout Sweet Patisserie selects: Marshmallow Four Pack Box (48 pieces). Light and fluffy, and not overly sweet, just the way I like it!

The box came with four flavors:

  • Tahitian Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, (12 pieces)
  • Tesla Passion Fruit-Yuzu Marshmallows, (12 pieces)
  • Toasted-Tipsy Coconut Marshmallows, (12 pieces)
  • Raspberry-Lime Marshmallows, (12 pieces)

Can you guess which one was my favorite? Toasted-Tipsy Coconut for the win! I never would have thought I’d be a fan of marshmallows unless in a s’more. I’ve actually been meaning to run to the store and grab some graham crackers and dark chocolate to see how these would be in a classic undone campfire treat!

What I love most about these is that the sweetness is subtle and the texture is super delicate and fluffy. Also, no mystery ingredients — you heard me; no random colors or this and that, everything you’d understand.

The base of these marshmallows include: sugar, water, egg whites, glucose and gelatin. Depending on the flavor, you’ll also find simple fruit purees, lemon/lime juice and even an added bonus of rum and coconut butter (in the Toasted Tipsy Coconut Marshmallows). All of these marshmallows are also gluten free & dairy free!

If you’re looking to impress your significant other, friends or family with something other than the typical box of chocolate, give these a try! For more delectable ideas (like cookies, jams or macrons), check out what other ‘confection perfections’ Tout Sweet has to offer.

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