Repurposed Lo Mein

Ever get takeout and you’re just not satisfied with it, and you think “I totally could have made this better.” Instead of painfully eating it up or tossing it to the curb, put your own little spin on it! That’s what I did with my Chinese takeout last weekend.

What I imagined: A vibrant, flavorful, spicy dish filled with assorted meats and veggies – a dish worthy of the carbs.

What I got: A dull, bland box of noodles and some meat; lacking flavor and spice.

5123536_origIt was NOT what I wanted, especially when I was starving and gave in to a carby meal. This is what happens when you deviate from your go-to choice, haha. I chose the house deluxe lo mein with the trifecta of meat: chicken, shrimp and beef over my usual Szechuan chicken. Bad idea. Seriously though, where was all the color?! I ate a plate of it and threw the rest in the fridge.

The next day, I was starving around lunch time and all I had in the fridge was my leftover takeout. What to do, what to do… Well, add a little color to the dish, of course!When repurposing a dish, ask yourself…

  • What is this dish lacking?
  • How was this dish envisioned; what was expected?
  • What flavors are missing?

There is ALWAYS a way to jazz it up!

On my end, this dish was lacking an abundance of veggies, flavor and heat.

What I did was… sautéed some spinach, mushrooms, red bell pepper and green onions. To it, I added the lo mein, red pepper flakes and oyster sauce (because it makes every dish better).

4716128_origTa-da! Can you believe the transformation? Now I would eat that — and I did! I enjoyed it so much more that I ended up eating the ENTIRE pan in one sitting… oops!


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