The Classy Safari Look

Is it vacation time yet? I recently renewed my passport and just booked my trip to San Francisco in May! It’s clear that I’m ready for some adventures, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already made a list of places I’d like to go… Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? In the meantime, a little bit of lounging and a whole lot of Eat Primp Love is on my mind!

I’m ready for the warm weather to hurry up and get here — we’re a few weeks into spring and I’m still not seeing steady 60+ degree temperatures. There’s bags and bags of clothes that I’ve purchased in the past month that I still can’t wear; it’s like buying a new sportscar and letting it sit in the garage. TOTALLY. NOT. FAIR. Similar to the shorts I’m wearing.

I call this the classy safari look because the linen cargo shorts and fedora totally give it that vibe! Okay, and my hair is so lioness here.

And yes, all of that hair is real — it’s great for the curls but not for my hair dryer. Anyways, check out more photos of this look!

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