Food For Thought: The Limitless Boundaries In Life

I see life as an infinite hike through the woods. Technically, there is no declared beginning or end to it, and you really discover yourself along the way. What techniques and strengths do you possess that will help you survive, and what can you learn and adapt to in order to make the journey worthwhile, or, well, a tad bit easier? These questions may take days, weeks or even years to answer; heck, maybe it’s a trick question and won’t get answered at all. It’s certainly different for every individual. The boundaries in life are limitless, just like the opportunities.

Every day, we are constantly striving for more; am I right? To that extent, crossing to the other side is going from a longtime established comfort zone (never leaving home because it’s familiar; staying at a job where you’ve plateaued; or committing to a person because it seems like the ‘safe’ choice) to uncomfortable experiences and environments (buying a one-way ticket to a city you’ve always wanted to live in; making a 360 in your career; or dating the person who isn’t your type) that can prove to be beneficial in the end.

Are you looking to make a career change or a big move to a strange new city? Or, is grad school or a family in your cards? Whatever the case may be, this is the time to take risks. While you’re still young, remember that you are never committed to just one thing – changes can be made and YOU choose the path your life continues on. I’ll admit, there are times when I constantly have to tell myself this.

Taking that leap of faith isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Heck, it’s far from easy. I’d ask myself: if I jump, will I drown in this pool of the unknown? It may seem a little hazy at first, but the more effort you put in and the better acquainted you get with the change, the more visible the stepping stones will be. You may wonder why this didn’t occur years ago!

If you’re super cautious about a life-changing decision (which you should be, to a certain extent), start small. Instead of trying to cross a large body of water, start with a stream instead. Baby steps, people.
You’ll soon realize that even if you feel like you’re alone in this, you never are. YOU are always by your side; YOU are your biggest cheerleader; and YOU must know what you deserve, and have the courage to fight for it. Can I stress how important YOU are to your own success and happiness? I don’t think so.
All in all, never lose faith in yourself.

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