The Signature Look: Fashion Illustration

Does this look familiar? If you said yes, it’s the look of Eat Primp Love; then you are right! The coveted fedora, high-rise jeans and ankle booties are, indeed, the signature look. Olivia Matos of Studio Illustra strikes again with this stunning fashion illustration of me. The Signature Look_2 Olivia was so great to work with and had amazing turnaround time. Her passion of illustrating is evident in her work — I love it! Whether you’re on my Instagram, Facebook page or blog — you will see this look somewhere. Not following me on one or all of the accounts? Well, what are you waiting for! πŸ™‚ The Signature Look Olivia captured my signature Eat Primp Love look exceptionally well! If you love this, you definitely need to check out her work — she’s got some amazing illustrations on her blog and Instagram. A big thank you to Olivia, again, for creating this beautiful interpretation of my style!

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