New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Every now and then, life takes you on a turn for the best and three things occur: First, you’re faced with a challenge. Second, you decide it’s time for a hard refresh. And third, you encounter impactful change. This process ignites curiosity, tests limits and hopefully piques a new interest. Whether it be with friends, hobbies, careers, lifestyles or in this case – my blog.

Over the past couple of years, Eat Primp Love has undergone 3 big movements. It broke ground on Weebly, migrated to the fully hosted WordPress, and today I’m excited to announce that it has officially transitioned to the self-hosted WordPress platform! It took me about 12 hours of hair pulling, customer service calling and faux tech support from my bestie in San Fran to get me to where I am now, haha. I swear I’m not being overdramatic!


My blogging journey has been so self-rewarding so far, but I’m ready for more; I crave more. More design freedom. More plugins. More features. And…more content. 

Yep, along with my sleek new look (I hope you all like it), I’ll be adding more aspects of “lifestyle” to my blog (i.e. brunch outings, personal updates, volunteer work) as well as bringing awareness to causes I care about. I think it’s only fair that everyone gets to know the face behind the blog a bit deeper than just what’s in my kitchen and closet… not that that doesn’t tell you much about me!

Okay, and you know what else is happening in my blogging life? Brainstorms. Yep, remember that tech supporting friend of mine I mentioned on the west coast? Well, she’s also a fellow blogger at The Pretty Pink Pout and we’ll be having bi-weekly Skype sessions to not only catch up on what’s happening on our sides of the world (yes, Michigan and California are THAT far away) – but to get advice and feedback, as well as discuss what’s next for our blogs because blogging besties know best. Do things like this exist out there? Like-minds are fun minds.

And fun minds crave different things… like new beginnings!

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