EPL x NYC: Food Diary

In the three and a half days I spent in NYC visiting my sister in East Village, I can recall the 13 eateries I hit while venturing the city! I’d like to think that the 103k steps and 43 miles walked cancelled out the obscene amount of calories, right? I mean, calories don’t really count on vacations. There are several food joints I’d love to take a bit out of, but that’ll be for my next trip back. You can only eat so much before you begin to develop a permanent food baby.

My sister took me all around town (see Photo Diary) and exposed me to all of the culture and personality of NYC. I’m glad she’s a foodie too because you can’t travel to New York without taking a taste of the town; and, you can really do it on a budget too! Aside from the places we hit, I also LOVED the overnight oats she had ready for breakfast everyday. So simple yet the perfect amount of everything in a little cup. Looks like my breakfast routine will be switching up a bit moving forward.

Now to the good part: what I ate.

Starbucks – Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew
Fay Da Bakery – Roast Pork Bun // Sweet Topping Coconut Bun


Dumpling Man – Sampler: Pork, Chicken, Veggie, Shrimp


L’Arte del Gelato – Pistacchio di Bronte D.O.P.


The Halal Guys – Chicken Platter with Rice, Pita, Lettuce, Tomatoes and famous white & hot sauce

Nathan’s Hot Dog – Chili Dog & Fries

Levain Bakery – Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie


Xi’an Famous Foods – Spicy Hot Oil Seared Hand-Ripped Noodles // Concubine’s Chicken Hand-Ripped Noodles // Spicy Asian Cucumber Salad  [photos from Xi’an Famous Foods website]




Beyond Sushi – Sunny Side Sushi Roll // Wild Shroom Noodle Salad // Black Bean Sweet Potato Brownie // Cucumber Mint Lemonade


T-Swirl CrΓͺpes – Thai Chicken: Sliced Chicken Breast, Baby Spinach, Julienned Carrots, Corn, Red Onion, Organic Boiled Eggs, Crunchy Shallots, Sesame Seed, Sesame Dressing, Teriyaki Sauce


Big Gay Ice Cream – American Globs: Vanilla Ice Cream, Pretzels, Sea Salt, Chocolate Dip


Friterie – Belgian Fries with Wasabi Mayo, Smoked Honey Sweet Chili & Garlic Aioli


Macaron Parlour – Elvis: Peanut Butter and Caramelized Banana


My stomach will be ready for round 2, that’s for sure.

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