Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Okay, folks. Let’s hit the reset button. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made an appearance on my own blog — something doesn’t seem right there. To be completely open and transparent, life has been a monstrosity lately as if it was hit by a typhoon…and I’ve been left with very little to no time or motivation to pick up the pieces after the storm. But, this weekend all of that will change. This weekend, I’ll get to (maybe not finish, but get to) the long list of things that have been accumulating on my to-do list. This weekend, I’ll be a warrior.

Which takes me to the “things I want to learn in 2017” list that I’ve itemized over the past few months (with much thought and devotion, I might add). Before we get to it, I’d just like to say that although Eat Primp Love has primarily been a food, fashion & lifestyle blog, both the content and the tone are going to get a bit more personal going forward. A true glimpse into my life, my goals, my thoughts and everything in between. I want to inspire you through what I do.

Deep thought closed -- back to the list.

  1. Familiarize myself with basic photography and what my DSLR is capable of
  2. Learn the art of calligraphy
  3. Expand my knowledge with books
  4. Become certified in fields I have an interest in
  5. Improve my health and fitness to reach the 'best shape of my life'
  6. Pay off looming debt
  7. Revive and refresh Eat Primp Love

The list goes on and on with things that get a little too personal, so I’ll keep it at what’s most relevant. I’ve found that the best way to truly hold myself accountable is to share with others what I’m working towards. 

So, become a weekend warrior this Saturday and make time for what you love. It could be as simple as picking up a dusty book off of the shelf or making yourself an omelette for brunch. I’ll raise my hand for both.

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