Go Green & Wear White: Because Every Detail Matters

Time is an element that we have no control over. It’s sacred. The days, weeks, months and years — they fly by and we can’t do anything about it but absorb every second surrounded by the things that matter and the people that we love.

Reminiscing freshman year of college, so many friendships have been established since. One in particular was with a kind-hearted and happy soul, Kristina. I’ve been lucky enough to witness her saying I do to “who wants to go out tonight?” in the dorms of Holden hall to “will you take Daniel to be your lawfully wedded husband?” at the alter at the Marriott. To capture the moments of their beautiful day, I’ve put together a piece focused on the finer details of their wedding from the apparel to the decor.

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness to the Spartan couple! Click below to take a peek at Kristina & Daniel’s Ultimate Spartan Wedding.

Photography by Sweet Lemon Drop

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