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Eat Primp Love is a food, fashion and lifestyle blog that explores the passions of the 26-year-old blogger, Jenn. With a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Public Relations from Michigan State University, she currently resides in the Metro Detroit area with her puppy child. 

Her style is a combination of chic and vintage with a modern flare. She’s adventurous in the things she does, places she goes and the food she eats. Her cultured palette craves bold flavors and unique spices.

Invigorated by tasteful aesthetics, Eat Primp Love offers readers a fresh medley of recipes and styles; all while acting as an inspirational outlet and a glimpse into the blogger’s life.

I started Eat Primp Love in late 2014 to share some of my favorite things — food, fashion, style, and a peek into my day-to-day life. Creating recipes, styling looks and tapping into my own personal experiences has inspired me to take this blog beyond what I first set out for it to be: an expression of my passion areas in hopes of inspiring others. I hope that by following my blog, you’ll become more apt to finding the inner foodie and fashionista in you. My passion for great food, lasting style and all that I love has fueled Eat primp Love with, hopefully, all that you love. Thanks for stopping by!


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